Hair Stylist Love

Haircuts are a big deal for women. Unlike guys, for us, a cut takes longer than 2 minutes of thought and 5 minutes of actual work, it requires time, maintenance and talent. We don’t cut our hair because it’s out of control or because we look dirty with it long. We cut it because for us, hair is an accessory, an essential part of who we are. Have you ever heard a guy complaining about a bad hair day? Actually let me rephrase that, the amount of guys complaining of bad hair days is miniscule compared to the amount of girls that complain about them.

Women spend hundreds of dollars on hair products: shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing masks, gels, leave in conditioners, hair sprays, serums, oils, heat resistant products, detangling creams, treatments to prevent split ends and treatments to get rid of them, and the list goes on and on. And while I’m definitely a big fan of good hair products, I think what really makes beautiful, strong, healthy hair is a good haircut.

This being New York City a good haircut does not come cheap and sadly, sometimes it does not come expensive either. I worked in a hair salon for years and saw many people walking out of there who should have sued for what was done to their hair, instead they left quietly holding a $150 receipt in their trembling hands. But this post is not about those people. This post is about my wonderful hairstylist Jasmine, who I first met at the above mentioned salon.

For years I endured choppy do’s, short “french girl” bangs that had me rocking ugly headbands for months, split ends that I could even see in pictures and countless ugly hair styles. I wondered why no one could understand what a “swoop” bang was, even when I showed them a picture of it. Is it that difficult to cut bangs at an angle, or to cut layers that don’t start at my chin because they make my face look wider than it needs to be? Apparently it is for some people. One day, I found myself in Jasmine’s chair where I lamented all my problems. I wanted long, healthy, layered hair ala Kim Kardashian .The problem was, how could I get from my ugly short Amelie bangs and thin, overly colored hair, to the goddess hair I desired?

Jasmine started out by explaining my goal was attainable but it was more than a few months away. She cut off my split ends and styled my hideous bangs so they would grow out into my beloved swoop. The first cut was a success and every time I’ve cut my hair since, I get closer and closer to my hair goal. Her blow dries are off the hook! I mean there are honestly no other words to describe it, because this girl can do absolutely any style you’ve ever imagined and more. Are you looking for voluminous Victoria Secret sex hair? Done! Are you looking for a sleek retro look? Done! Maybe you want an elegant messy updo or a braided Grecian goddess do? Done! If you can think it, even if all you have is a small part of the overall picture, she can do it.

If any of you are suffering with your hair or are looking for something extra special, go see Jasmine. Below are a few pictures of my latest haircut, but as always results vary based on what you’re trying to achieve…I love big hair hence the volume.


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