Creamy Goodness

Last night I was slaving away at the gym and as always was thinking of food. 9pm is a bit late to eat dinner, but 7 miles of running is an excuse to be lenient on that rule. As I was admiring the perfect lean form of the girl running next to me :ugh:, an even more delicious, tantalizing sight caught my attention.




What is this deliciousness you ask? Introducing Philadelphia Creme for Cooking! Seriously, THIS IS cooking cream or “creme” if you want to sound fancier. Make anything you want, and then throw a tablespoon or two of this bad boy in there and Taaa Daaa – heaven. Not to mention for those of us watching our waistline, this creamier version is made with reduced fat and has up to 60% less fat than regular cream. Now I’m a firm ANTI- reduced fat usage, person but this tastes ridiculous. This cream can make anything taste good. Last night I made chicken with vegetables ( frozen – yes I am ashamed). The whole process took about 15 minutes and once everything was cooked and  well seasoned, I just added a tablespoon and a half of the Philadelphia Cooking Creme in the Original flavor and stired for 2 minutes. The result was a purely grotesque, drool-enducing dish. Even that old broccoli tasted good.


The cream comes in four flavors: Italian Cheese & Herb, Savory Garlic, Santa Fe Blend, and Original. The best part of this product is its versatility, from creamy chicken and vegetables to pasta dishes or even side dips, this item is a must to spruce up your favorite dishes that might have gotten a bit rusty over the years.


Check out more recipes at


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