A delicious find at Queens Comfort

I’ve lived in Astoria ever since I swam across the ocean to get to this country. I had a few stints on the upper west side and midtown area thanks to my parents, but once I moved out… I had to move back to the tiny Astoria apartments and walk the same streets I walked when I was 12. Clearly not the most desirable situation, but it works. After all, Astoria has always had its advantages, though being cool and fun weren’t really some of them.  I of course, associate cool and fun with food and drinking. And it seems that Astoria is finally moving in that direction.

Little shops, bakeries and cafes are popping up everywhere, almost making up for the semi ridiculous amount of “greek” cafes on 30th Avenue and Broadway.  One of the new gems in the neighborhood is Queens Comfort: a cozy, diner-like spot that specializes in southern comfort aka delicious food. The atmosphere here is pretty relaxed, with a sweet hostess by the door and a waiting staff that you’ll probably confuse for actual patrons. This can of course be a drawback, because you might end up asking someone if they can get you a cup of coffee, when in fact they’re waiting for their own bacon donut to arrive. Yes I said Bacon Donut. They make those here and they’re pretty spectacular…and I don’t even like donuts.  The donut, which is baked fresh each morning, is generously topped with fresh cooked bacon, creating that impossible to beat salty-sweet combination. The smell of these tiny delights will assault you as soon as you enter the restaurant, but it wasn’t the smell that convinced me to try them. Instead it was the woman sitting next to me, ( almost on my lap actually considering the space is made up of connected tables) with her sighs and Sally-like moans. Not only did she make her own husband uncomfortable, she made me want to ask ” umm what are you eating?”. And that’s the donut story for you.

Donuts aside, I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich – a choice inspired by my love for the movie with the same name. The sandwich came with a huge slice of green tomato fried to perfection, goat cheese remoulade and hot pepper jelly on country white bread. I have absolutely no words to describe what this tasted like except maybe : deliriously drool-worthy fantasmical. I mean… it was really good. If you’re going to go here and only try one thing, let it be this. My boyfriend ordered the Kentucky Hot Brown with smoked turkey, roasted tomatoes, bacon and mornay sauce served on country white bread. The sauce on this was so good, I licked his plate. I mean if the woman next to me was going to have a moan-fest I might as well have my fun too.

The only thing that was not delicious, or good for that matter, was the coffee, but hopefully they’ll change that. Also keep in mind that everything in this place is made in house and cooked on the spot. Their menu changes daily so you’re never sure what they’ll be serving the day you decide to walk in there. Maybe you’ll get the baked mac n’ cheese, Nutella stuffed french toast, disco tots or one of their home made biscuits.

All in all this little place had made me like Astoria a little more and makes up for the fact that my sink still doesn’t work (thanks mainly to my hardworking landlord). Even the New York Times is raving about it. Check it out yourself, it’s located on 40-09 30th Ave, right off of Steinway.

PS: They only accept cash but everything is so cheap you won’t have to walk around carrying $100 dollar bills. Another added bonus you can BYOB and enjoy it with your meal.


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