Seems like I’ll be continuing the food trend for this week’s blogs with a quick review on ScarpettaScott Conant‘s restaurant located in the Meatpacking district in NYC. I could go on and on about the qualities of the restaurant, its meaningful name, etc, etc but the truth is you can find any of that information when you google the place. Here’s what made me choose it: my love for Italian food and Scott’s attitude and judgemental ways. I watch him religiously on Chopped and I figure “a man who can judge someone else’s dishes this harshly, can only do so because he can make that same dish 100 times better.” So I put my theory to the test and made reservations (a month in advance) for my anniversary dinner. I can’t decide whether I should review each dish separately or simply say “WOW.” It’s been a long time since I have eaten a meal that tasted this good and I eat delicious things every day. I don’t know exactly what goes on in that kitchen, but I can imagine little angels come down and whip sweet polenta with their little angel hands and then delicately blow truffle oil on flavorful cheeses from Italy.

Everything we ate was incredible, impeccable and worth every penny (this place is not cheap) but what stole the show for me, was the Creamy Polenta with fricassee of truffled mushrooms. I read some reviews on Yelp that said this dish was “overrated” and to those people I would like to say ” You need to check your taste buds because there is something wrong with them.” This dish was so delicious, flavorful, creamy and rich, it would inspire Polenta haters to beg their girlfriend to recreate it at home and after stalking the internet like a baby lion looking for her first prey, I found it here. Feel free to try this out at home yourself but first and foremost go to Scarpetta and have the real thing. You won’t regret it!

PS: As was to be expected, based on the chef’s own personality, the staff at Scarpetta is a bit on the pretentious side as well. But remember ” You’re not there to eat them, you’re there to eat the food and in the end you hold the power of gratuity…” 

PPS: I did not steal the little pan the mushrooms were served in, I just happened to have a very similar one at home.


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