Cook up your own hair mask

I have a hair obsession! I’ve made this confession several times including on this blog post. I’ve tried a multitude of hair masks, oils, creams, sprays etc, etc. Working at two different hair salons for over 5 years continuously fed my hair junkie addiction and as with most things, I let myself get carried away.

A mask for once a week, an oil for once a week (isn’t that the same thing?) a cream for split ends that you leave on over night, another one for split ends that you put on in the morning, a leave-in conditioner spray, a spray to tame flyaways, actual hairspray (huh what’s the difference between these?), thickening spray, finishing spray, sun protection spray, I’m going to name this whatever I want because you’ll still buy it as long as it has the word spray in it Spray! And then the cremes: styling creme, texture creme, grooming creme, curl defining creme, straightening creme and on and on and on, mind you I haven’t even covered the variety of shampoos and conditioners out there. It’s gotten to the point where walking around the hair care section of a salon/store has become an anxiety producing torture zone.

Here is the question: Do I need all these products?

The answer ,of course, is NO! But that doesn’t stop me from spending countless amounts of money trying them out, just in case they’ll do something absolutely  ah-mazing to my hair, to the point where people will stop dead in their tracks, in the middle of 5th avenue and scream “O My God look at her hair.” Umm… NO, that’s not going to happen.

So after having this heart to heart with myself, I decided to throw out my junkie treats and just hold on to a few basics… that didn’t work. So then I started looking for at home remedies, and that’s where we are at right now. Check out this amazing mask you can make at home by yourself. You can call it the “I made this mask myself and it cost me $2 mask.” 

Ingredients: a bowl, an electric mixer/beater, 1 ripe avocado, 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil, a hair clip, a shower cap + a blow dryer. You should have most of these already.

Directions: In a bowl, mix half of a ripe avocado (smashed) and 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil (double the recipe for long or thick hair). Using your electric mixer/beater, whip the two ingredients together until they reach a creamy consistency.

Shampoo hair, ring out excess water, then apply the mask all over. If you have fine/flat hair, skip the roots and only do middle to ends. Clip it up and cover it with the shower cap.

Jump out of the shower and warm your hair (while it is in the shower cap) with your blow dryer on a low heat setting for about one minute- heat will allow the treatment to soak in much further than it would without.

Try to leave it on for as long as you can. anywhere from 5 minutes-30 minutes is perfect. Rinse thoroughly with water and condition as usual with one of your 5 your regular conditioner.

PS: To avoid the guac smell, you can also add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil: lavender, chamomile, jasmine… anything you like.

Do you have any DYI hair treatments?


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