Lemon & Mint Mondays

I love lemonade, especially during the summer. It’s a light and refreshing drink that actually makes you feel healthy and hydrated. Surprisingly, the ingredients used to make this delicious drink can also be used to make your own hair and skin treatments, so you can sip on your favorite beverage while looking your best.

Try this Refreshing Mint Rinse to alleviate an itchy scalp and help with hair growth.

Re-Freshmint Stimulating Hair & Scalp Rinse – The mint in this recipe helps to soothe, refresh and stimulate the scalp, while carrot juice helps strengthen hair speed hair growth.  

What you’ll need:

2 teaspoons of chopped fresh (or dried) mint

1 cup of warm water (distilled/filtered is best)

1 teaspoon of carrot juice (preferably organic)

What to do:

Add the mint to the warm water.  Steep for 30 minutes, then strain.  In a small bowl, combine the mint and carrot juice. Shampoo your hair, then use the Mint Rinse you’ve prepared. Try this out without using conditioner the first time, but if you feel like your hair is too dry, use conditioner the next time. Make sure you use the rinse as the final step when washing your hair.  


Lemon Me Up, Buttercup Body Scrub Try this refreshing body scrub to get rid of all the dull, dry skin that’s hiding up your beautious (is this a word?), shiny skin.  Here is an easy recipe for a salt scrub that you can make with ingredients found in your own kitchen. 


What you’ll need:   

5 tablespoons sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 lemon

What to do:

Lemon juice dissolves salt!!! Yep, that’s a little science lesson for you me. To avoid this “uhhh?!?!” moment, make sure to first mix the olive oil and sea salt together. Once the salt gets coated by the oil, the lemon won’t dissolve it! Then cut the lemon in half and squeeze over the salt + oil. Mix and mash away to your heart’s content. Then scrub away!! Make sure to use the scrub on dry skin, it won’t work its magical powers if you use it on wet skin. So rub, scrub away while dry, then rinse off with your favorite body wash.

Via: Pinterest

And now that we’re all pretty, shiny and with glorious hair, let’s enjoy another minty lemony (though it’s actually lime) concoction. My favorite drink of all time- Le Mojito. Here’s a super easy recipe to make one of these bad boys at home.

For each Mojito, you will need:

1 teaspoon of sugar
1 large sprig of Mojito mint*
1.5 oz. white rum – 80 proof
1/2 fresh lime cut in quarters
Club soda

Place the sugar and mint leaves at the bottom of a tall tumbler. Crush the mint into the sugar using a muddler or the back of a spoon. Squeeze lime quarters into glass; drop the limes into the mix. At this point I mix well, pushing down on the lime with a spoon, extracting more juice and some of the oil in the rind. Add white rum, ice, top off with club soda and stir well. Garnish with fresh sprig of mint if you like; serve immediately.

Tip: For a dirty Mojito, muddle well so that the pieces of mint are very small. For a clean Mojito, strain the mixture over ice.

Happy Mojito Monday my friends, and if you are in the NYC area swing by one of my favorite Mojito places in the city: Calle Ocho. Monday is their Mojito special: $5 for one and you get to enjoy their special, free appetizers while you drink away.


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