Savory Treats in NYC

Many times I’ll go to a restaurant or order something for lunch expecting to be wow-ed, but sadly that rarely happens anymore unless Scott Conant is involved. However in the last few weeks I’ve had stumbled upon some delicious meals that have surpassed my expectations. Below are some savory treats in NYC.

Cafe Mogador

A friend recommended this place for a no-fuss, affordable and tasty Moroccan lunch. She couldn’t stop raving about the lamb tangine and since I’ve never been one to turn down a piece of meat, I dragged my boyfriend down there to try it out.

We ordered the hummus and labne (strained yogurt drizzled with olive oil) as appetizers. Both were light, fresh and well seasoned.

For my entree I ordered the lamb tangine, a delicious stew with traditional herbs and spices, lemons and olives served with a side of cous-cous. The lamb itself was perfectly cooked, moist and flavorful. 

My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Cous-Cous, a bouillon of meat and vegetables served with an assortment of vegetables, chickpeas, raisins and cous-cous.

Both dishes were delicious, however the Tangine was really the star.

Joe’s Shanghai

Ever have a moment where you start craving something out of nowhere? Well, I have these moments all the time. Last week I was craving dumplings. This is strange for a few reasons, the main one being that: I’m not actually a big fan of dumplings. Regardless I decided I’d go for it and after a bit of research, found Joe’s Shanghai. The reviews for the soup dumplings were out of control which meant I had to try them!

I ordered the Crab Meat with Pork Steamed Soup Buns, also known as xiao long bao (XLB). I received an order of  6, though I could have probably eaten 12. Each soft, chewy bun is stuffed with a tasty mixture of crab and pork meat. What makes them extra special is that they’re also filled with soup. How is that possible you say? A pork broth is made into gelatin, then cubed and combined with regular dumpling filling. As the dumpling is steamed, the gelatin cubes melt producing a soup inside. Genius, right?  They’re served with a dark soy vinegar that truly brings out the fishiness of the crab and the fatty delicious taste of the pork.

Below you can see a picture of how much broth is inside one dumpling. Delicious!

JJ’s Asian Fusion

This small sushi joint in Queens, may often go unnoticed as it’s not located on a main avenue in Astoria, but it has super fresh, tasty and delicious sushi. It also helps that the staff is very polite, the sake bombs are amazing and the Edamame pot stickers are OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. The Daily News actually voted them as “best pot stickers of 2007” and they really are, the best.

We ordered a few sushi assortments but our favorites were:

The Astoria Roll, filled with crab meat and crunchy flakes and topped with fresh seared salmon and a delicious chef’s special spicy cream sauce on top.

The Rainbow Roll, filled with crab meat, masago and cucumber, and topped with Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp & avocado.

Spicy tuna, Spicy Salmon and Philadelphia rolls.

Stay tuned for next week’s post on some dessert goodness. 


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