Sweet Treats in NYC

Following up on last week’s post, below are some amazing dessert places I’ve visited in the last few weeks, and some of their best treats which I devoured in 10 seconds enjoyed. Desserts are basically the way to my heart so as you can imagine I was one happy girl during each of these sugar excursions.

Martha’s Country Bakery

I’d heard the most amazing things about this bakery from fellow Astorians (possibly not a word) and decided to finally give it a try when the mood for cupcakes struck. Everyone had recommended the Red Velvet Cupcake but I really wanted to try the Red Velvet Cheesecake…so I ordered both. Then as I was paying I noticed the huge Kitchen Sink Cookies. They looked incredible so I got one of those as well.

Red Velvet cupcake – I was not a fan. The frosting was too thick and heavy, even for a cream cheese frosting. The cake itself was OK, but nothing spectacular. Maybe my expectations were too high? Grade for Cupcakes: C-

Red Velvet Cheesecake – The cheesecake itself was delicious, but again the cake was too dense and the frosting too thick. It was overwhelming and not in a good way. I actually threw out the cake and frosting, and just ate the cheesecake. Grade for overall cake: B-

Kitchen Sink Cookie – By the time I got to the cookie, I was really annoyed at how bad the rest of the things I got were. I took a bite, fully expecting to throw it away but then… Whoa that’s a good cookie. Moist, chewy, filled with nuts, chocolates, raisins and oatmeal.  Absolutely delicious and only $2. I’ll definitely go back to buy one of these babies and skip on the cupcakes. Grade for Cookies: A+

I think it’s noteworthy to mention, the decor at Martha’s Bakery is beautiful: cozy, warm and a bit romantic. Check out more dessert porn below!


This little Brooklyn gem serves up fluffy, delicate yeast donuts smothered in fresh, non-traditional glazes like dulcé de leche, hibiscus, blood orange, passion fruit, lemon poppy seed, etc. I think I should preface this experience and review by saying that I don’t actually like donuts, in fact I hate donuts. They’re like the dessert version of Seinfeld, as in, I don’t understand why people like it so much. With that said, these donuts are incredible. They shouldn’t even be called donuts, they’re more like a beignet, soft, light and addicting. You could eat a few in a matter of seconds. 

We visited the Dough tent at Smorgasburg (more on this joy trip in a future post) and bought the Hibiscus and Blood orange donuts. Sadly, I had to share with my boyfriend, who is a huge donut (and Seinfeld) fan. Regardless, the few bites I was able to steal were unforgettable. That is actually the only word I can use to describe the eating experience itself, the only word better suited would be its Spanish counterpart: inolvidable, because obviously everything sounds more intense and passionate in Spanish. I am definitely passionate about these donuts, which is why you should go try them. While you’re at it pick up a few for me and pass by my apt.

Grade for Donuts: A+++

Hibiscus Donut

Blood Orange Donut


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