So in Love

Sweaters with big hearts, that’s what this post is all about. You’ve probably seen them everywhere or have added them to your “must buy” list. Ever since the initial Jcrew design  came out for Valentine’s day (and sold out almost immediately) everyone from your favorite bloggers to your high profile celebrities and other semi-famous people, jumped on the Heart Sweater trend.

What’s really great is that most retailers have also embraced this look, which gives all of us the option to either buy a few in different styles and textures or just invest in one good piece. Below are some of my favorite finds.

1. Wildfox Queen of Heart Sweater 2. Billabong Homegirlz Sweater 3. Slouch Heart Jumper 4. Longline Big Heart Sweater. 5. Tippi Sweater in Heart Me on sale 6. Banjo and Matilda Heart-intarsia Cashmere Sweater  7. Asos Angora Sweater with Heart

And in case you want to make this yourself, here is an awesome DIY version.

Image from With an i.e

If you feel like you just can’t deal with having a huge heart smack in the middle of your chest, below are a few alternatives to this look.

1. Asos Chunky Heart Sweater 2. Asos Heart Elbow Patch Sweater 3. Asos Cardigan with Heart Pockets On Sale 4. Sonia Rykiel Heart-applique angora blend sweater On Sale 5. Topshop Knitted Multi Hearts Jumper 6. Meadham Kirchhoff Heart Cardigan

If you love the elbow patch as much as I do, this little DIY version is super easy and fun to do at home.

Image from Honestly WTF


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