Refreshing Peach Ice Cream

I received the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker as a gift last Christmas. Though I was insanely excited about it – in fact I think I teared when I opened the gift box – I didn’t use it until just a few weeks ago. I decided to make Peach Ice Cream since peaches are one of my favorite fruits. The original plan was to make Ginger Peach Ice cream sandwiches but this was all devoured before I ever got a chance to make the ginger cookies, so that project will have to wait. I used a modified version of this recipe and substituted Grand Marnier for Peach Brandy, mainly because I couldn’t find Peach brandy at the liquor store and also because I have a strangely large bottle of Grand Marnier at home from last year’s peach cobbler. If you have an ice cream maker at home, I’d definitely recommend giving this a try. The result is a very creamy texture with a fresh and flavorful taste.  It’s also really helpful to know exactly what went into your ice cream. You’re able to control the amount of sugar, fruit and type of milk/cream that you add and can choose to use organic produce if you prefer it. Overall you can customize this to your own taste and really create the best ice cream for yourself.

Peaches swimming in Grand Marnier and sugar.

Ice Cream in the making

Adding Fresh Peaches

Ready for the freezer

Final Product


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