Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


You’ve probably seen this recipe a few times on Pinterest as it’s definitely a favorite among bakers and cookie lovers. And after finally giving it a try a few weeks ago I know why. The raves are true, these are indeed the best ever chocolate chip cookies. They’re soft, chewy in the middle with a bit of crisp on the outside edges, a good size and filled with decadent mouth-watering chocolate. All that taste comes at a price, as the recipe requires you to refrigerate the dough for 36 hours, so plan to make these in advance. They also store really well and considering you’ll be able to make around 30-40 cookies with this batch, that’s a good thing. I would definitely recommend that you make these with the recommended chocolate disks ( 60 percent cacao) as they taste much better. I made a small batch with regular chocolate chips and they were delicious, but the chocolate was not oozing out of every bite the way it did with the disks. So if you’re going to make them, invest in some good chocolate and stock up on both cake and bread flour, which is the combination that makes these cookies so irresistible. Side note, if you’re a fan of cookie dough, this is also the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted. I’m pretty sure I ate enough of it to make 4 cookies, probably not the best idea but it had to be done. 



Even Khalessi wanted in on the action 



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